An Inside Look at the New Honda Accord vs. the New Honda Civic in Huntington

Are you in need of a new reliable vehicle? One that can last you many years on the road with little maintenance and servicing? Look no further; Honda is your answer. Driving down the roads in Dix Hills, you will notice that Honda vehicles populate the roads, and for a good reason. Honda vehicles are among the most durable vehicles in the automobile market. They can serve you for seven years or more with proper maintenance.

Other than durability, Honda vehicles are always present at our Honda dealership in Huntington. These vehicles are never lacking, and they also meet all your needs. Some two vehicles that you should look into are the Honda Accord and Honda Civic. These two vehicles can meet all your needs, but they have some similarities and differences in their features.

The Honda Accord

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Honda Accord vs. Honda Civic

Engine Performance

The Honda Civic has a base inline-four 2-liter engine with 158 horsepower and 138 pound-feet of torque. On the other hand, the Honda Accord base engine is a more powerful 192-horsepower inline-four 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with 192 pound-feet torque. Unlike the new Honda Accord, the Civic gives you a wide range of engine options such as the inline-four 2-liter turbocharged engine and several inline-four 1.5-liter turbocharged engines with different power ratings based on the trim configuration you buy in Bay Shore.

Fuel Efficiency

Although both vehicles are conservative on fuel, the Honda Accord slightly outshines the Honda Civic. The Civic can achieve up to 37 miles-per-gallon on the highway, while the Accord achieves an outstanding 38 miles-per-gallon on the highway when they are both equipped with six-speed automatic transmission, as estimated by the EPA.

The Honda Civic and Accord are both available in hybrids. Unlike conventional vehicles that solely rely on petrol or diesel, the hybrid sedans rely on an electric motor. These hybrids are environment conserving because they emit little greenhouse gases into their atmosphere to cause air pollution.


Both vehicles are smart cars giving you high-quality connectivity with features such as Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone integration, USB ports for charging, audio systems with four speakers, and infotainment systems. There are some differences in the technology. You will notice that the Honda Accord's standard display screen is larger with a width of seven inches, while that of the Civic is only five inches.


Both the Honda Accord and the Civic are classy and comfortable. However, the Honda Accord's cargo area and cabin are more spacious compared to the Accord. The Accord's rear legroom is impressive, making it be categorized as a full-size car, while the Civic a mid-size car. The Honda Accord hybrid offers more space than other trims, especially in terms of legroom. The legroom of second-row passengers in the Accord hybrid is as large as 40.4 inches, while that in the Honda Civic is up to 37.4 inches. The Civic has a volume of 15.1 cubic feet, while the Accord has 16.7 inches.

When buying a Honda Civic in Commack and you want more space, we suggest the Civic Hatchback. It has extra room in the trunk with a volume of 25.7 inches, which is around the range of an SUV's trunk volume. You can also expand the trunk space in the Hatchback to 46.2 cubic feet when you fold the rear seats. The exterior design of the two Hondas is adequate to attract your eyes. The Honda Civic can have alloy wheels as large as 18 inches, while the Accord as large as 19 inches.

Discover Your Next New Honda at Our Dealership Near Deer Park

The Honda Accord and Civic are also available in different trims, increasing the likelihood of getting exactly what you need in Long Island. Both the Honda Civic and Honda Accord are no ordinary sedans. They aim at including all kinds of drivers, those with families and those without. Both models are available at Huntington Mazda in a variety of trim configurations. Visit our premises near Smithtown for a test drive on the Honda of your choice before making a life-changing decision.