At Hunting Honda, most of the new Honda vehicles we send off are three-year leases. Shoppers love this financing option because it's short-term, gives them more vehicle flexibility, and it helps them save on their monthly car payment! If you're new to the vehicle ownership process, keep reading to learn about the benefits of Honda leasing!


Leases last three years, which means you won't be paying down the entire cost of the vehicle. You'll mostly be taking care of the depreciation. Because of that, you won't have to pay as much each month as someone who is buying a Honda. In fact, you might save close to 50% each month if you lease a Honda instead.

Because of the lower price, leasing is especially appealing to shoppers on a budget who need a reliable vehicle or people who have the money to buy new but are simply looking to save. If you're a recent college graduate with a job, we suggest checking out our Honda College Graduate Rebate and leasing. Not only can you find an affordable car payment, but in making the payments you'll be able to raise your credit score at the same time.

Vehicle Flexibility

One of the best parts about leasing a Honda is that in a few short years, you'll be able to get into a brand-new one. That means you'll likely get to snag a vehicle that has just gone through a mid-cycle refresh or perhaps a total redesign! If you're someone who loves to keep up on the newest trends in design, technology, and safety, then leasing is a smart choice.

Easy Servicing

A caveat to leasing is that you cannot exceed a certain mileage a year — usually between 10K-12K, but that also makes servicing a lot more cost-effective. You'll likely only need to come in for an oil change once a year, and you'll also come in if you need winter tire changeovers. Even though Honda models are known for being affordable to upkeep, you'll like knowing that those costlier upkeep services don't occur until after the three-year mark.

If you're ready to see how a Honda lease special could make you and

your budget happy, come into our dealership this week and speak with a member from our financing team!

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