If you're looking for a Honda lease, we at Huntington Honda are here to help! Because we have such a huge inventory of new Honda models (around 1,000 in stock), we have the purchasing power to push competitive rates and get customers into a great new Honda lease at a price that makes their wallet smile. Buying a Honda isn't a bad idea, but here are a few reasons why you should enter into a Honda lease instead.

Price: when you lease a vehicle, you don't pay off the entire amount, which means you have a smaller monthly payment. This is especially appealing to young professionals or shoppers who are on a tight budget, as it allows them to have a quality new vehicle without having to pay a lot each month.

Low Mileage Appeal: if you're someone who has a short commute, or you don't spend a lot of time behind the wheel, you might think it's silly to pay a lot for a car that doesn't see much time on the road. Since Honda leases have low mileage restrictions (usually around 12K miles a year), you won't feel like you are overpaying to own a necessary vehicle.

Cheaper Servicing: Honda vehicles aren't known for being expensive to maintain, but the longer you have one, the bigger the service needs get. The good news is that most of the bigger services aren't due until after a Honda is about three-years old, which is very convenient because leases last for three years!

Regular Updates: as we just mentioned, leasing a Honda is a three-year commitment, and if you're someone who loves following trends or gets bored easily, you'll love being able to get in and out of a new vehicle every few years. That's right - with a Honda lease you'll get to stay up to day on the newest technologies, updated styles, and increased advanced safety technologies.

To learn more about Honda leasing, stop into our dealership for a test drive and a sit down with our financing team.

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