Lease Specials Long Island

Here at Huntington Honda, we believe in making auto shopping as easy and convenient as possible. We try to help out in any way we can, and one of those ways is by helping you save money and getting you the best deal possible. When you want to lease a new Honda to get you around Long Island, take a look at our Honda lease specials. You'll find a range of discounts on many of the newest and most exciting Honda models.

The experts in our finance center make it easy for you to work out the perfect Honda lease for your budget. Once your Honda lease period is up, we make the next step easy too. You can renew your lease if you've grown attached to your Honda, or you can lease or buy a new one, or you can even walk away! We can't wait to help you out.

There's no better way to get around Long Island than in a brand-new Honda. When you know you want to lease a new Honda, make sure to look over our lease specials first. Who knows... there might even be a discount on your dream car!

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