Summer Service is a Breeze with These Car Care Tips from Our Huntington, NY Honda Service Center

Here in Huntington, we may have long since come out of our Long Island winter's deep freeze, but the challenges to vehicle upkeep that presented a mere short while ago can persist well into the warmer months. Consider some advice from the Honda car repair experts here at Huntington Honda to stay ahead of the proverbial weather when it comes to regular maintenance.

First, inspect your car or truck's cooling system's hoses, and take a look at the coolant reservoir for leaks at joints and engine block connection points. Give the hoses a firm squeeze when the engine is cool to make sure they're firm, which indicates they're in proper shape. If you find any seepage or the hoses appear worn, it's a good idea to have the former fixed, and the latter replaced. Next, check your vehicle's coolant fluid level. If it's below requirements, you'll want to refill it. All three come together to help safeguard engine function and ensure it remains in performance condition over time.

Next, examine the serpentine belt running between your vehicle's alternator, fan, and other components for overall condition as well as tension. If the belt appears deteriorated, loose, or broken, if it's missing small pieces, or if your vehicle emits a squeal, the belt may require replacement.

Thirdly, review the condition of your car's windshield wipers. If they create streaks that get worse with use or that don't otherwise diminish, you might need to invest in a fresh pair. That bit of visibility gained from reducing haze caused by filth can mean all the difference for the drive-time.

Check your oil, brake, power-steering, and windshield-washer fluids, as well as brake pads. The former deplete and should regularly be refilled, while, if you suspect brake issues due to abnormal sound or operation during use, new brake pads and a fluid flush might be required.

Does your air conditioner function properly? If it's not cooling effectively or issues with the system were put off over the winter, have a certified technician take a look. Older systems can leak Freon, system refrigerant can be low, or both, and that could mean not only an environmental hazard but also a sweltering drag on your summer road trip.

Furthermore, check your car's air filters. A post-winter thaw can lead to clogged drainage points, and if you suspect such, either take your current filter out and clean it or replace it if a maintenance schedule suggests. Most air filters are easy to access from the cabin.

Last but never least, and surely not all, it's also a good idea to review tire aspects like pressure, treads, and overall condition. There shouldn't be any cracks in your tires; there should be no perceived unevenness in their surfaces, and you should consider whether they have the proper tread depth. These are part and parcel to maintaining proper traction on the road. Plus, these suggestions go for your spare tire, too. A flat can put a damper on an extended vacation.

We at Huntington Honda know that other auto repair issues can present beyond the quick and easy fix, and for that, the expertly trained technicians on hand here at our service center remain at your disposal. What's more, setting up an appointment's a snap via our online tool. Likewise, you can always get in touch in advance of a visit with any questions or concerns you may have, whether by phone or using our Web contact form, and you're always invited to stop by and visit us here at 1055 E. Jericho Turnpike. We look forward to helping you and your Honda car, truck, or SUV stay the reliable course through summer fun.

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